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Logo - Merton Community School District


On behalf of the entire Merton Community School District, I would like to welcome you to our educational community.  Our district holds an outstanding reputation of academic excellence, high student engagement, and a strong commitment to preparing all students for college and career readiness in this ever changing 21st century.  Our highly qualified and outstanding staff have enabled our students to enter into the very intensive college preparatory Arrowhead High School.  With an infusion of instructional technology, a challenging curriculum, and student access to 21st century learning tools, we believe Merton students are prepared to compete in this changing society and global market.  Our district is committed to developing the whole child with a strong commitment to the arts, physical education, music, technology, and world languages.

In addition to continuing to create ways of engaging our students at a high level through 21st century skills, this year our district will be focusing preparing to implement the newly adopted Common Core Standards in Writing and Mathematics.  Our buildings will continue meeting the needs of all of our learners through implementing intervention blocks so the needs of all learners can be met.  With common academic standards, our schools also have begun implementing the “Merton Way.”  The Merton Way helps us establish common expectations to ensure our learning environments foster strong creativity, communication, critical thinking, and problem solving.

I welcome you to visit our schools at anytime.  We believe we are a gem in the Lake Country Area.  Our staff and community have a strong desire to ensure our students are receiving a great education with a very challenging curriculum and strong teaching practices.  As a district, we continue to transform ourselves to meet the needs of the 21st century student.  Welcome to the Merton Community School District!

Ron Russ


The mission of Merton Schools is to provide an educational environment that develops a life-long love of learning. We will accomplish our mission through the development of educational opportunities in which the skills and abilities of each student are maximized, the self-esteem of each student is enhanced and supported, and the social development of each student is strengthened. Merton’s staff will incorporate an academically and artistically challenging curriculum through the use of quality materials, taking advantage of continuing educational opportunities to establish this environment. Learning will take place in a safe and comfortable physical setting. Students, parents, staff, and the community will share the responsibility of promoting positive student growth by communicating openly and working together cooperatively. The result will be the development of responsible citizens who will experience success in a changing society and who will contribute positively to their communities.

Photo for Budisch, Mr. Michael
Budisch, Mr. Michael
Merton Primary School Principal
(262) 538-2227 x3048
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Photo for Nettesheim, Mr. John
Nettesheim, Mr. John
Manager of Building & Grounds
(262) 538-2810
Photo for Posick, Mr. Jay
Posick, Mr. Jay
(262) 538-1130 x2001
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Photo for Russ, Dr. Ronald
Russ, Dr. Ronald
(262) 538-2227 x2000
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Photo for Viera, Mrs. Sarah
Viera, Mrs. Sarah
Director of Finance
(262) 538-2227 x3047
Photo for Viola-Larsen, Mrs. Lori
Viola-Larsen, Mrs. Lori
School Psychologist & Special Education Director
(262) 538-2227 x3041
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