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Logo - Merton Community School District
About Merton Community School District
Merton Community School District is a 4K-8 grade public school district in southeastern Wisconsin that serves roughly 1060 students in a small rural community 20 miles west of Milwaukee. Merton Primary School (grades 4-year-old kindergarten through third grade) and Merton Intermediate School (fourth grade through eighth grade) are located in the Village of Merton in Waukesha County. Merton is located west of Sussex and north of Hartland in the Village of Merton.  Students live in the Towns of Merton and Lisbon as well as the Village of Merton. The district consists of a small business center, rural areas, and over thirty subdivisions ranging from five to fifty homes at each site.
Students who complete the required program of studies attend prestigious Hartland Arrowhead Union High School in the Town of Merton. This school contains grades 9-12 and includes 2000+ students from Merton, Hartland, Lake Country, Stone Bank, North Lake, Richmond and Swallow School Districts. These districts make up a consortium for transportation, curriculum and staff development services; each one under a separate Wis. State Statue 66.30 agreement.
Merton is the second largest of the seven K-8 districts feeding into Arrowhead Union High School.  The district boasts state-of-the-art facilities and purchased an additional 37 acre site for possible future school building needs.
Merton Schools are governed by a five member board elected at-large.  Board members serve three years.
Students at Merton School access outstanding opportunities in the core academic areas, accelerated mathematics, band, drama, technology, foreign language, and co-curricular activities.  The district also provides the full range of special education, at-risk, counseling, and gifted & talented services.
Students at Merton Schools:
  • Access advanced/honors coursework at Hartland Arrowhead High School
  • Score proficient/advanced (90%+) on WKCE-CRT tests
  • Interact and work with adults in positive, constructive, respectful relationships
  • Participate in fine arts programs
  • Access a wide array of enrichment opportunities
  • Participate in athletics through a unique and diverse network of school and community-based organizations
Merton Community School District has a reputation for high standards and accountability. All this is done in spite of an annual cost per student for K-8 schools below the statewide average annually.
In the past, Merton Community School District has been recognized with the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Award as the Exemplary School District in 1991. In March of 1995, the school district received the Spectrum Award for Parent/Community Communication from the Wisconsin School Public Relations Associations. Additionally, during the period of 1987-92, Merton served as an IBM Pilot School. In October 1995, the community passed a referendum for a new primary school. In 2002 a ten-room addition was added to the primary school. This will allow for the addition of 4K and early childhood classrooms.
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