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 Unit 1: Building a Reading Life

Essential skills for this unit:
  • Make and achieve reading goals by reading often and at a fast and strongpace
  • Understand what makes a just-right book
  • Monitor and use cross-checking strategies for understanding of text 
  • Engage in conversation with reading partner(s) to help understand and summarize text
  • Include evidence-based ideas about text

 Unit 2:  Studying Characters

Essential skills for this unit:
  • Continue to monitor and use cross-checking strategies to improve comprehension
  • Identify with the main character of a story by "living in the world of the story."
  • See the world from the character's perspective
  • Use these insights to make predictions

 Unit 3:  Navigating Nonfiction

Essential skills for this unit:
  • Organize a reading life to include reading nonfiction and nonfiction reading goals
  • Use nonfiction reading strategies to grasp central ideas and supporting details
  • Use boxes and bullets expository text strategy to organize and understand nonfiction texts
  • Grow ideas about nonfiction content by elaborating on those ideas

 Unit 4:  Learning Through Reading

Essential skills for this unit:
  • Examine different texts of the same topic
  • Use text features to locate specific information
  • Jot down important research information in your own words
  • Categorize new information read and organize research notes
  • Ask yourself further questions:
    • What might that be a result of...?
    • What might that lead to?
    • Does it remind you of anything you have already learned?
    • What do you think caused...?
  • Grow ideas about the region through critical thinking in research
  • Take on the "persona" of a person living in a region

 Unit 5:  Mystery Book Clubs

Essential skills for this unit:

  • Use fiction reading skills to puzzle over clues and make predictions
  • Categorize mysteries, comparing and contrasting
  • Analyze characters' personalities, motivations, choices, and responses
  • Think deeply about the larger messages

 Unit 6:  Biography Book Clubs

Essential skills for this unit:

  • Develop theories about the subject (person's struggles, motivation, ways to overcome difficulties, and achievements) in fictional books?
  • Understand there are different types of narrative nonfiction texts
  • Apply knowledge of reading narrative nonfiction to other texts


 Unit 7:  Social Issues Book Clubs

Essential skills for this unit:
  • Examine texts to locate issues of different characters
  • Compare and contrast similar issue in different texts and different lives
  • Understand that a character can represent a larger group of people facing an issue
  • See multiple perspectives to an issue; understanding the complexity of it



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