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Reading is the key piece of most everything we do in second grade.  It spans across all the subject areas.  While I meet with Guided Reading groups, the rest of the students are engaged in Daily 5 activites.  In second grade we are making the exciting transition from learning to read to reading to learn.  We work very hard on developing comprehension strategies so that we can enjoy the exciting places our books can take us! 



Our Balanced Literacy Program Includes:


Guided Reading
1. concepts of print, language, and literature
2. phonics
3. cueing systems
4. retelling setting, characters, problem, sequence of events,
and solution through the use of graphic organizers

Shared Reading

Teacher Read-Alouds

Independent Reading


Important Parent Information


  All second graders participate in the Book It reading incentive program.  A reading calendar is sent home each month with a predetermined minute reading goal.  If the student meets or exceeds the monthly goal, they will receive a Pizza Hut gift certificate. 

  Each second grader will also be bringing home his or her Guided Reading book at least two times each week.  Please remind your child to complete the book bag reading each night and sign the recording sheet in the book bag.  There will occasionally be an activity or questions to be done in addition or in place of reading the book.





Great Language Arts Websites for Second Graders

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