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Take a peek below to see the amazing insects the children made after our insect unit in science and our nonfiction unit in Writer's Workshop.

Insect Unit
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FOSS website



Click on the Words Below Each Topic We Cover to Visit Fun Websites:


Insect Sites for Kids

Insect Info

Let's Talk About Insects

Insect Pests

An Insect's Perspective


Weather Wiz

Web Weather for Kids

Weather Dude

National Weather Service Kidspage

 The Water Cycle

States of Water

The Water Cycle

Interactive Water Cycle

Insect Webquest - Letter to the Terminix Man

 Solids and Liquids

Oobleck Recipe

Matter Recipes

Chem for Kids - Matter

States of Matter

Properties of Solids

 Other Science Websites

Brain POP - Science

Last Updated: 11/22/13
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