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We Are Authors!!!!

Click on a student's name below to see his or her Little Bird Tale about a researched rainforest animal!!!


Topics we cover...

Seasons, Days of the Week, Months, Holidays

Globe Work (Cardinal directions, Compass Rose, Continents, Oceans)

Country Studies (Antarctica, Australia, Brazil, China, Germany)


 U.S. Symbols

Click on the Words Below Each Country to Visit Fun Websites:


All About China

Other China Websites for Kids

Chinese Animals

Giant Panda


Cool Antarctica

Antarctica for Kids

Penguin Sites


Rainforest Heroes

Kids Saving the Rainforest

Awesome Rainforest Sites

Amazon Explorer

Check out the great Rain Forest Animal Powerpoint Presentation a former student made!


Australia for Kids

Fish Eye View - Coral Reef

All About Australia


Last Updated: 4/28/12
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