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Nook STUDENT Information

General Student Info about Primary Nooks:


Nooks will be reserved for class use through classroom teachers. (Teachers will reserve cart as necessary, students will be assigned a Nook.)

Nooks will be used in school only.

Students will return Nook to appropriate spot in cart and plug charger in. 

  • It is plugged in when the light on the cord lights up

  • Yellow= not charged; Green= fully charged

Students should avoid draining the battery completely, as this causes the device to need to be charged 15 min. to turn back on.

Students should not alter any settings to ensure maximum ease for all who will share these devices.


Nook Use:

Web Resources  eBook Access

Destiny Library Manager (One Search)


** School related searches using the web;

Any browser supported resources work on the Nooks. **

Destiny eBooks 




Titles local to the Nook devices:

Link to Nook Teacher Info

Last Updated: 5/12/14
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