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Welcome to Second Grade!!!


 Welcome to second grade.  I am so happy to have your child as a student this year.  I am sure you will see tremendous growth both academically and physically with your son or daughter.  I have been at Merton for fourteen years, six of them in fourth grade and eight in second. I completed my Master's In Education several years ago and I have been teaching for more than twenty years all together. Merton is truly a great school to work in and I look forward to another  challenging year ahead. 

My husband Tim and I have three grown children. Our oldest son is a commercial pilot and lives between CA and FL with our daughter-inlaw and our three grandchildren.  Our youngest son is married and is currently living in Kentucky enrolled in dental school. Both he and his wife are serving in the Army and his wife is stationed in Missouri.  Our youngest daughter just completed her doctorate in PT School and is now working full time.  She is also getting married this next June, so the plans and work have really begun.  Our family is constantly growing and changing keeping us all pretty busy.  Besides spending as much time as possible with family, I enjoy spending summers at our cabin and being outside working in our yard, swimming, and walking.  I also like to curl up with a good book when time permits. 


Last Updated: 9/12/12
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