School Closings

In the Event of School Closing Due to Weather Conditions

Please review the following information that will be helpful if we have to close school:

  • Sign up for Skylert if you haven’t done so already!  School closing notices will be sent to you via the instructions you indicate with Skylert within your Skyward Family Access.    When signing up with Skylert please indicate the ways you want to be contacted for emergencies, including school closings.
  • When checking the TV or radio announcements for school closings, please watch for  ARROWHEAD UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT or ARROWHEAD SCHOOLS.  (Merton School is not listed separately!).
  • If the weather looks threatening in the morning, review with your child where he/she should go if school closes early:  walk home, ride the bus, or if an adult will pick him/her up. 
  • We ask parents to monitor weather/closings if the weather turns threatening during the school day.  Skylert will inform you of any early closings as calling parents of all of our students is not possible.
  • Please also realize that a two hour early school closing does not mean that bus routes will operate exactly two hours early.  The buses arrive at Merton after completing two prior routes.  The length of time any one route takes is dependent on the weather conditions.  Be assured that until buses arrive at Merton, your child will remain at school under adult supervision.
Last Updated: 10/18/16