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2015-2016 Kindergarten Enrollment Underway

Early Childhood / 4 & 5 Year Old Kindergarten Parents
DATE: Thursday, January 29, 2015
TIME: 6:30pm
PLACE: Merton Primary School cafeteria. Parents only please.

The Merton Community School District is in the planning process for next year’s Early Childhood and Kindergarten classes. We are gathering information on children who will be NEW enrollees in the 2015-16 school year for 4K, 5K or Early Childhood. If you plan to enroll your child at Merton Primary next year for one of the above-mentioned programs please notify Melissa Smith in the Primary Office at 538-2227 or e-mail to smithm@merton.k12.wi.us, at your earliest convenience. We would like to include your family on our mailing list for new enrollees. A letter of invitation will then be sent out in early 2015 for you to attend our annual Parent Information Night which will be held in late January.

If you have a neighbor who is new to our district, or know of a family who is planning to enroll at Merton next year, please share this information with them. (If your child is currently enrolled here at Merton you do not need to respond to this request. We are looking for information on NEW enrollees at this time.)  Questions about enrollment for next year, please contact the Primary office at the number listed above.

This meeting will include (but is not limited to):

  • 2015 4K new enrollees
  • 2015 5K new enrollees
  • Families interested in open enrolling in Merton’s 4K or 5K programs

QUESTIONS?? Call the school office at: (262) 538-2227


Thank You for a Very Successful Food Drive

Once again our very caring and sharing community came through to help many families have a plentiful Thanksgiving. This year 54 families were each given two boxes of food and a turkey for the holiday. The families were most appreciative and expressed their “thank you’s” many times to our school and members of the Merton Community.   ~Darlene Hafferman and the many volunteer helpers ~

**Please Note: The Clothing Drive continues throughout the school year.  Donations can be delivered to the school office all year long, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.


Photos of District Events

Celebration of Food Drive Donations
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These 4 brave teachers had classrooms that donated the most items to the food drive.

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