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SOUPer Bowl at Merton Primary AND Merton Intermediate

Help fill someone’s bowl this winter by bringing in cans of soup for the Primary or the Intermediate Souperbowl! Cans will be collected each day leading up to the Superbowl on February 1st. With each donation, students can vote for the team they think will win. The classroom donations will be gathered daily and displayed in the cafeteria under the team helmets. Collected items will then be distributed to families in need in our area. Donations are not limited to soup cans, any non-perishable item will be accepted. We are all looking forward to this fun, community project! Questions can be directed to the School Counselor, Miss Kohnert.


General Mills Box Tops Contest February 2-12

Our next General Mills Box Top contest kicks off Monday, February 2nd and ends Thursday, February 12th. Please remember to neatly trim your box tops and, if possible, submit them in bags of 50. Write “50” with a Sharpie on the outside of the baggie. Doing so greatly helps our volunteers in the counting process. (Bags marked with another number have to be hand counted into 50’s.) If you are interested in volunteering to help count or have other questions, please contact Michelle Ramus. We appreciate your support! 


Trivia Night for Merton Schools

Save the date: Friday, March 6, 2015 at Ironwood Golf Course

Get a group of eight together for a fun-filled night to support our schools. Our goal is to raise $20,000 to help the gymnasium renovation efforts that will benefit all of our students. There will be prizes for trivia and for the most creative themed teams. Don’t sweat the trivia as “mulligans” will be available See the full page flyer and registration form for details. 


Camp Invention - July 27-31

Camp Invention - Where Big Ideas Become the Next Big Thing - is coming to Merton Intermediate School July 27-31, 2015.
In partnership with the National Inventors Hall of Fame, we are pleased to offer the nationally-acclaimed Camp Invention program to children entering grades one through six. It’s an exciting, weeklong summer adventure in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) that’s all about big ideas. Children work together to seek innovative solutions to real-world problems and sharpen critical 21st century learning skills as they rotate through four modules that reinvent summer fun. For more information including registration, please see the full page flyer or contact Director Mary Iwanski. Register on or before March 20, 2015 to receive $25 off the base price.

In the Event of School Closing Due to Weather Conditions

Please review the following information that will be helpful if we have to close school:

  • Sign up for Skylert if you haven’t done so already!  School closing notices will be sent to you via the instructions you indicate with Skylert within your Skyward Family Access.  When signing up with Skylert please indicate the ways you want to be contacted for emergencies, including school closings.
  • When checking the TV or radio announcements for school closings, please watch for ARROWHEAD UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT or ARROWHEAD SCHOOLS.  (Merton School is not listed separately!).
  • If the weather looks threatening in the morning, review with your child where he/she should go if school closes early:  walk home, ride the bus, or if an adult will pick him/her up. 
  • We ask parents to monitor weather/closings if the weather turns threatening during the school day.  Skylert will inform you of any early closings as calling parents of all of our students is not possible.
  • Please also realize that a two hour early school closing does not mean that bus routes will operate exactly two hours early.  The buses arrive at Merton after completing two prior routes.  The length of time any one route takes is dependent on the weather conditions.  Be assured that until buses arrive at Merton, your child will remain at school under adult supervision.

2015-2016 Kindergarten Enrollment Underway

Early Childhood / 4 & 5 Year Old Kindergarten Parents
DATE: Thursday, January 29, 2015
TIME: 6:30pm
PLACE: Merton Primary School cafeteria. Parents only please.

The Merton Community School District is in the planning process for next year’s Early Childhood and Kindergarten classes. We are gathering information on children who will be NEW enrollees in the 2015-16 school year for 4K, 5K or Early Childhood. If you plan to enroll your child at Merton Primary next year for one of the above-mentioned programs please notify Melissa Smith in the Primary Office at 538-2227 or e-mail to smithm@merton.k12.wi.us, at your earliest convenience. We would like to include your family on our mailing list for new enrollees. A letter of invitation will then be sent out in early 2015 for you to attend our annual Parent Information Night which will be held in late January.

If you have a neighbor who is new to our district, or know of a family who is planning to enroll at Merton next year, please share this information with them. (If your child is currently enrolled here at Merton you do not need to respond to this request. We are looking for information on NEW enrollees at this time.)  Questions about enrollment for next year, please contact the Primary office at the number listed above.

This meeting will include (but is not limited to):

  • 2015 4K new enrollees
  • 2015 5K new enrollees
  • Families interested in open enrolling in Merton’s 4K or 5K programs

QUESTIONS?? Call the school office at: (262) 538-2227

Last Updated: 1/8/15
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